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Sunbilla: the perfect village to relax and enjoy the nature.

Sunbilla is located on the northeast of Navarra, on the mountains and close to the beach, at the km 55 of the N-121-A road.


At the north of Sunbilla you will find Iganzi and Etxalar; at the south, Ituren, Santesteban, Elgorriaga and Bartizarana. Also, at about half an hour distance, there are several villages that are worth paying a visit, as well as places of touristic interest.


You can also practice adventure sports, hiking and cycling along the Green Route, cultural tourism and horse riding, among other activities.

Nearby places: :


At 29 km, Endaia
At 32 km, Hondarribia

Irún: at 27 Km
San Sebastián: at 48 Km
Pamplona: at 50 Km
Biarritz: at 54 Km
Vitoria: at 126 Km
Bilbao: at 144 Km

Sunbilla and its monuments

An idea to get to know the village is to take a path walk of 5’4 Km; you will be able to discover the local architecture, like the Palace of the 18th century or the Palace of Subizar, built in 1384.


Other points of interest: the town hall, the old wash house, the church of San Juan Bautista, the ruins of the old church of San Tiburcio, the stone bridge and the Bidasoa river, the Txiquito train track and the typical Basque houses, with their arches of stone.

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Around the village

Local places of interest

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